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Occasionally – I happen to think if we are too much into social media and actually lost into connections, accounts, tweets and likes ans shares ! 

Is it so important to get social, though you are alive only if you are ‘socially’ active, 

It has been almost 2 years that being socially active for me means being online on gtalk, wtsup, facebook and now twitter !

Where are those late night outs, cofee breaks and panipuri chit-chats! But this is the life we choose, in the ocean of knowledge, short of time with so called virtual human network.

Probably… Everybody is too much into their own lives, reach of social circle and dimensions are different in last decade with a versatile change.

If I look back, it has been certainly changes of paradigms in last 2 years for me personally, earlier I used to be  vivacious reader and now reading means only few status messages, number of emails, some texts and probably some business articles. I used to pen down every night for my experiences, my thoughts and the dreamz, now the only writeups are email responses, drafting reviews, and yeh… some business plans ! I actually dont remember when i was holding pen last time? To sign a chque?? huh ! 

I used to wait for March Ends and April starts to make new resolutions for time management (for anyone into financial industry in India, thats not new ! ) , like starting up with aerobics again, learning to cook, starting a evening walk, but everything is changed so much with the new roles and responsibilities.

But here I am – making new resolution again, lets see how long I stick to it,

Not Keeping it secret – 1st of that is reviving my reading and exploring passion with Richard Branson’s Autobiography-  Loosing my Virginity!

Hopefuly will be re-connecting with old buddies, reviving my actual passion of literature and learning new things will be back in this year,

Though I know lot many challenges are waiting there for me… 


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